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Data assessment is vital for performance, cost-effectiveness, and swift recovery. As disaster recovery specialists, AceData employs strong methodologies to keep clients ready to rebound. Our experts audit and optimize, boosting recovery plans. With AceData, ensure business continuity, faster recovery, and reduced costs.
AceData is a top choice for enterprise data management and backup assessment. Our skilled experts excel in data assessment, working across various business types and sizes. We elevate your performance, cut costs, and enhance IT resilience. Achieve security, scalability, and efficiency for your business with AceData.
AceData goes the extra mile to provide outstanding solutions and experiences. Our 24X7 accessible team addresses needs and inquiries, fostering lasting relationships. We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring you’re content with your AceData partnership. Gain expert backup assessment and a caring, trusted business growth partner with us.

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Best quality support

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Money back guarantee

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Objective of Backup Data Assessment

  • Reducing the overall backup window.
  • Controlling wasteful growth through deduplication.
  • Suggesting cost-reduction opportunities to maximize existing investment.
  • Reducing recovery time and efforts.
  • Improving configuration performance.
  • Improving suitability of automated lifecycle management processes.
  • Increasing the utilization of the existing backup infrastructure in highest levels of authentication mechanism

Methodology Adapted for Backup Data Assessment

  • In-Depth qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Detailed technical analysis using our technology enabled tools that will gather specific data for analysis and generate reports, showcasing every aspect of your current backup performance.
  • Specific recommendation & next steps. Making sure that the report is being properly translated and understood by every stakeholder and that clear recommendations and plan for action is being populated that will guide your decision making process.

What is Included in the Backup Data Assessment

  • Snapshot of your Current Data Backup Solution Setup.
  • Assessment of data size of Data Servers, File Servers, Virtual Machines, and Mail Servers.
  • Current Backup & Recovery Performance Assessment.
  • Backup Devices of Various Types.
  • Data Change & Growth Rates.
  • Deduplication and Compression Rates likely to be achieved.
  • Failure Analysis.
  • Status of Your Documentation.

Recommendations After the Backup Data Assessment

  • Optimal usage of current setup, infrastructure and running solution.
  • Suggest proper documentation for implementation of procedures.
  • Correct monitoring and reporting methodology so that it passes compliance audits.
  • Suggest most appropriate solution based on your specific needs and requirements.
  • Suggest best available technology and solutions that should ideally be used to achieve the storage, backup and safest recovery results.


Regularly check your backup and recovery system’s effectiveness and performance against benchmarks. Don’t rely solely on installation; ensure it functions as intended for disasters. Our skilled team analyzes your storage, backup, and recovery challenges preemptively. We involve both technical and business stakeholders, aligning the best of both worlds. AceData’s Backup Data Assessment delves deep into your setup, identifying bottlenecks, suggesting improvements, and offering insights for informed decisions. Get comprehensible charts, reports, and a strategy dashboard. Request an assessment today for a thorough system health check and ideal recommendations.

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