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Data archiving / archival as a service involves moving data you no longer actively use or require to a separate storage system for long-term retention. There are several reasons a business may choose to archive data, including lowering the cost of primary storage and regulatory compliance. The new-age data archival solutions, archival have robust infrastructure and search capabilities that enable businesses to easily locate and retrieve relevant data whenever they want.

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Acedata’s Archival as a Service

Simplify compliance, enhance maintenance. Centralized solution, no static installs. Boost business value via data archiving and intelligent mining.

Local Compression

Reduce costs via compressed, secure archive storage. Local compression minimizes cloud data and bandwidth expenses. Ensure data security and structure preservation with archiving / archival as-a-service.

Faster Restoration

Assure swift restoration with compact backups and databases. Our archive storage/archival service trims costs by moving dormant data from primary storage, enhancing app speed. Shrinks backup windows and boosts performance via smaller data sets.

Full Scalability

Effortlessly archive billions of records, no matter the database or source. Our archival solutions liberate infrequently used files, freeing up primary storage. Cost-effective, highly scalable storage for vital yet unused data.

Auto Archival

Automated systems cut costs significantly. Long-term archival storage slashes backup and storage expenses. Complementary archiving further reduces costs by 82%. Auto data archival and privacy intelligence assist with Data Privacy Management.

Local & Global Deduplication

Data replicas lead to redundancy, incurring charges based on stored data volume. Our archival service encrypts archived data in transit and at rest, ensuring security. Redundant storage across multiple sites ensures peak availability and safety.

We serve the best work

A hosted desktop solution allows for the delivery of a consistent and scalable IT experience for all users in an organisation. With this solution, users gain access via a desktop icon or link.


With our specialized data archiving solutions / archival as a service, implementation is straightforward, with no additional software or hardware required, and the system can be up and running on the service in an hour.

We leverage all the information in your enterprise to lay a foundation for data lakes, where data silos can be consolidated, and insights can be created using analytics technologies.

Pay for needed resources, no upfront costs. Our archival service eliminates capital expenses, ensuring operational predictability for your organization.
As the system works without any add-ons, its highly cost-efficient, and archival data storage further reduces backup costs.
Our tiered architecture ensures secure long-term compliant storage for all data archived with AceData.
We take frequently accessed data and move it to a cost-effective storage device. AceData provides seamless access to this data.
We are a team of seasoned data archiving engineers who understand archived data’s technicalities, benefits, and profitability.
Scale effortlessly as users increase. Acedata archival service offers limitless storage and provisioning.
AceData’s archiving service / archival as a service is hosted in the cloud over the internet. Users can access it from anywhere and on any device.
We take full responsibility for maintaining and upgrading applications. We provide necessary resources to ensure reliability and availability for keeping data secure.
AceData securely stores your data in a dedicated cloud archive. Enjoy immutability, audit trails, and regulatory compliance.
Clients adopting our archival solutions witness reduced costs, lowered migration risks, and meet operational goals for long-term success.

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