What is Data BackUp

Introduction – Data Backup

In an increasingly digitized world, data backup is vital for the survival of a business. You carry the risk of data loss and data hacks as you are always on the internet. You have the potential to lose your data by theft to your competition. Insider threats can delete your valuable digital wealth. Ransomware threats can cause a huge amount of damage to your data.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Recovery Point Objective

RPO is the amount of data an organization is ready to lose if a disaster strikes. Actually, no one wants to lose any data and therefore the data backup strategy needs to be planned accordingly. A zero data loss scenario would mean online replication. This would help to achieve a near-zero recovery point objective

BackUp Automation

You cannot always copy data manually, especially beyond a particular size. Automation is the key to any backup solution. Deploying flexible data backup software solutions is the key to this. Hardware appliances do not offer the same flexibility. Choose your destination and let the software manage the automated activities.


Restoration is the key component. In fact, restoration is the purpose of backups, so you should; keep your data backup and restore processes handy. Test your data restoration plans as frequently as possible. Ensure a calendared backup restore drill so that when actual data backup recovery is required, you are not testing your processes.

Security & Compliance

Data backup security is crucial. Prevent unauthorized access, even by backup software. Use encrypted backups for top-notch safety. Follow compliance rules for backup processes and storage. Validate solutions against industry guidelines for required standards.

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