Cloud Backup for Startups

5 Benefits of Cloud Backup for Startups

Various startups may be under the impression that they are safe from data loss and breaches – and that it only happens to large businesses. Well, studies have revealed that the primary aim of data breaches is the stealing of intellectual property as well as consumers’ data. This implies that all companies, irrespective of their size, are subject to threats of loss of data either through innocent mistakes or malicious events. To keep such situations at bay, and to maintain constant access to data, start-ups need to make data backup a regular part of their IT practices. The conventional onsite technology is cost-prohibitive, with the cost of security on top of that. However, innovative alternatives such as cloud backups for startups are becoming a favorite as they offer considerable opportunities, with everything from computer backup to NAS (Network-attached storage) backup.

Key benefits of cloud backup for startups / small businesses

Moving to cloud backups slashes the IT expenses of small businesses/startups as it does not need in-house resources to handle IT systems. Also, the cost of routinely updating the physical servers is staved off, as regular software and hardware upgrades can be part of the contract with a cloud service provider.

When you have started a new company, any small hiccups can cascade to cost big. This is where you need solutions and systems that you can rely upon to minimize the impact of an adverse event. Cloud backup offers a much higher level of reliability, thereby ensuring you can restore data at any time and location to achieve seamless business continuity.   

Managing IT systems comes with the risk of losing access to them due to power outages, natural calamities, or other problems. With online cloud backup, startups can restore their previous data, ensuring the smooth operation of the business.

Cloud technologies can help startups reduce a lot of carbon footprint. Maintaining local servers consume a lot of power, while cloud backup service provider helps curb that energy usage. Moreover, as employees can access data from anywhere, cloud backup services help reduce the impact of travel.

In comparison to tape backup, cloud backup is a much better option. Not only is it more cost-effective but it is also relatively safer. Deploying a cloud backup system is much faster. And in case of any adverse situation, disaster recovery is more prompt in the cloud ecosystem.

The overall migration to the cloud will continue to speed up in the immediate future as more and more companies leverage the many benefits that cloud technologies have to offer. However, the choice to find the best cloud backup for startups/small businesses majorly relies on their distinct needs.

For startups running on a budget and lacking professional IT support, cloud backup solutions like Ace Data are a great fit to protect data at an alternative site while still offering them access from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Ace Data’s cloud backup as a service motivates startups & businesses to ensure better transparency into the data and use actionable insights to take proper measures. Moreover, they offer real-time control to mitigate threats in tandem with compliance reporting.