Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection Using Cloud Backup

Ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. According to research by Sophos, the average cost of recovering from a ransomware attack has now topped $2 million. The direct and indirect costs of recovery are ten times greater than the ransom payment itself on average.

What’s more, only 8% of businesses who pay the ransom retrieve all of their data.

The simple solution to this is Ransomware Protection using Cloud Backup and disaster recovery solutions.

The best solution to ransomware is to never be at cyber criminals’ mercy in the first place.

Stopping every piece of malware from entering your network might be impossible, but protecting your sensitive data isn’t. A regular schedule of cloud backup is the cornerstone of any modern disaster recovery plan. Ideally, it runs in the background on a continuous basis. In the event of a ransomware attack, hardware can be formatted and data restored.

Through cloud backup, you can be back to full operating capacity in hours or minutes rather than months.

Cloud backup is effective for ransomware protection because it ensures your data is not confined to your premises. An attacker who gains access to your network can’t damage your backup data in any way. Your backups stand behind another layer of security supervised by your cloud backup service provider, ensuring they are always ready for recovery.

Even the fallout from physical server malfunctions can be mitigated quickly.

Too many organizations are relying on an internal IT team or even individual employees to back up their data. These tedious, time-consuming processes are easily overlooked. Even when data is captured, it may be difficult to identify, locate, and use for disaster recovery. An automated solution simplifies the process.

When you partner with the right cloud backup service provider for ransomware protection, complete data recovery is as easy as clicking a button. That helps you get critical services back online fast and frees up resources for the other elements of your disaster recovery plan. The faster your data is restored, the better – and nothing is faster than cloud backup.

From your leadership team to your investors and even your customers, crucial stakeholders want to know their mission-critical data is safe. Cloud backup takes the guesswork out of the equation.